How old are you?

Lego is learning the concept of two. He knows he has two hands, two eyes, two feet, etc. He also knows that when I say “one,” he should say, “two.” So I figured I should try teaching him how old he is.  Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: How old is Lego? Lego is one! How old is Lego? Lego is one! How old is Lego? (pause)

Lego: Big!

Me: Yes, you are SO big! How old are you? You are one.

Lego: Two.

Me: No, you’re not two yet. You’re one.

Lego: Eight.

Me: No, silly boy. Not eight. One.

Lego: One.

Me: Good job! How old are you?

Lego: Two.


    I just wanted to add that he nows says “one” every time we ask him how old he is. And sometimes he even holds up one finger.

    Aw, cute! What a brilliant kid.

    I wonder why he likes eight so much. He kept saying it the other day when I was counting something with him.

    Truly a brilliant child. The fact that he knows his numbers at all shows that he truly is amazing.

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