I hate maternity clothing.

My maternity shirts are getting too short to cover my stomach. The bands on the pants start too loose to stay up on my tummy, and then magically become so tight and restrictive that I wear them under my tummy and still hate them. Too many of my shirts are too tight in the bust or just make me look like a beach ball. My favorite shirt right now is a shirt I bought in a juniors department clearance sale. It’s plenty long enough and billowy enough to get me through pregnancy, but somehow it’s also somewhat flattering. Why can’t the designers of my real maternity shirts get a clue?

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  1. It’s funny, I have nearly bought pregnant shirts a time or two because they’re really cute (and would possibly even fit right. . . hmm). Maybe they’re not making them to fit people who are actually pregnant very well, though. That’s strange.

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