I’m happy to report

that Duplo is a new baby now that I’m off dairy and he’s on Tagamet. His medicine tastes awful, but it’s worth it to force it down just to hear his giggles and coos instead of screams, to snuggle as he nurses instead of trying to hold him as he arches his back, to play with him instead of holding him around the stomach to keep him appeased. It’s nice to know he feels better, and it’s nice to have my angel baby back.

In other news, he can roll over, and he has two teeth. We’ve started feeding him solids, which he loves. So far he’s tried rice cereal, green beans, peaches, and butternut squash. Well, not really peaches. I gave him one bite, and he made a face, then spit it out. Maybe we’ll try fruit again in a few weeks.

And Lego can jump! Achievement all around in our house!

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