I’m losing it.

And by “it,” I don’t mean my sanity, though that might not be far behind. Stay tuned.

No, “it” is my hair. This happens every time I have a three-month-old baby, but this time is a bit different. I’ve been growing my hair out long again, and so when I’m in a stage of losing hundreds of strands a day, it looks like more because each one is so long.

I brush my hair in the morning and end up with a fairly large pile in the sink. I brush over the sink so I can find the hairs and gather them up to throw away. I then put my hair up to contain the hair loss as much as I can during the day. At night, I take out my updo and comb through my hair again, ending up with another large pile. It’s, quite frankly, gross. I’m so ready for it to be over.

To make matters worse, El Guapo is learning to grab things, so he thinks my long hair is a perfect handhold made just for him to stabilize himself while I’m holding him. He often ends up with five or six hairs wound all around his fingers, and I have a terrible time trying to untangle them.

So I’m in a situation where I need to put my hair up every single day, both to minimize mess and to keep El Guapo from pulling on the hairs that are actually still attached to my head. I can’t do a simple ponytail because my growing-out bangs are not quite long enough to stay put in it all day.

I’ve been twisting my bangs into a barrette and then putting the rest into a low ponytail, which is fine. It’s a good everyday style, even if it isn’t super great looking. But I’m interested in any suggestions my readers might have for what else to do with my hair that will a) contain my bangs, b) not take all day to do, and c) keep my hair far from El Guapo’s grasp.

C’mon, Internet! Do what you do best: present me with a deluge of information. 🙂 Ready, set, go!

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  1. I have no advice, but I feel you on this. I thought maybe I was dodging the hair-falling-out bullet, but it was just delayed. For the last month I’ve wound up with entire tarantulas of hair in my hands every time I take a shower. Ugh.

    I am sorry. Have you tried Pinterest? There are all kinds of hairstyles and how-tos on there.

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