International Day: Week 2 (South Korea)

I just realized I never blogged about this. I made bi bim bop, which most of us didn’t like a whole lot. As for me, I thought it was okay—I ate everything on my plate—but I don’t think I’d choose to eat it again. Lego ate a decent amount of his (though he didn’t eat much or any spinach or sprouts, I’m guessing because they were too salty), Duplo ate very little, and Jon Boy didn’t like it much. So, not as much of a success as Brazil was. I’m sure we’ll have some major hits and some major misses. I think on a scale of 1–10 I’d rate bi bim bop as a 3 for our family. I wonder if we’d have liked a different recipe better (bulgogi maybe).

As for the educational part, there wasn’t as much I could find about Korea that a 3-year-old would understand. I mean, really, much of what’s notable about Korea is its history and political climate, which I couldn’t really touch on much. Mostly I showed him some pictures, including one of the flag and a map, after which he kind of squirmed away.

Next week is England, though, and I’m almost sure that the kids will do fine with English cuisine. I can’t decide whether to do a roast with Yorkshire pudding or pasties. I definitely want to make Jon Boy’s bread pudding with lemon sauce for dessert.

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