Is anybody out there?

I haven’t blogged regularly in a long, long time now. At first I thought it meant that I didn’t want to blog anymore or didn’t have time to. But I think the bigger problem is that I didn’t feel like I had a distinct sense of what this blog was supposed to be anymore.

I know my extended family reads for stories of my kids. But I don’t want MY blog to be only about my kids, if that makes sense. I want it to be a journal of my thoughts and experiences, many of which happen to include children at this stage in my life.

I definitely don’t want it to be a vacation log, since I personally don’t enjoy reading about other people’s vacations much and thus project this feeling on you, assuming you don’t like it either. Sorry if you’re dying to know about our trip to Colorado for my sister’s temple marriage, our trip to Bear Lake, Utah, for a family reunion, our trip to East Canyon (near SLC) for another family reunion, and finally, our trip to Atlanta, Georgia, for my brother’s temple marriage. They were all good (excepting the mosquitos at the second family reunion—who invited them?! and my granny breaking some vertebrae in her neck on the last day in Atlanta).

I don’t really want it to be self-indulgent, where I show you pictures of the work I’m doing that I’m proud of, namely a flower garden, a vegetable garden, our house, food I make, etc. Sometimes I love to see my friends share their greatest accomplishments, but if that’s ALL the blog was, it would get tiresome.

So I guess I want it to be a little of all of these things, and that’s where I break down. I don’t have time to write about all the awesome things the kids are doing, the vacations we’re going on, the plans we have, the things I’m proud of, the frustrations I’m dealing with, etc., etc. I have to choose. And I’m not great with decision making. Hahaha.

In the end, because I can’t choose what to write among a whole bunch of things I could write, I don’t write anything at all. I want to do better. I think I’ll start off by asking if any of you who are still out there reading have an opinion. What are your favorite kind of blog posts to read?

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  1. Ummm… I kind of like to read everything. Except recipes, even if I have on occasion posted one on my blog. I like to see lots of photos of every day stuff and read about what people are thinking. I think I mostly like blogs about things that I deal with as well, which is kids, mothering, politics, church, I don’t know. I think it makes me feel normal. I suppose I don’t like vacation posts either, but I do put them up for the grandmas (who, I’m pretty sure, don’t actually read my blog) I use my blog sort of as a journal and to make myself feel like I’m a good mom, maybe (I guess you’d have to read my blog to understand that comment) so I do it more for myself. I read my own blogposts all the time. And I wonder sometimes if anybody else cares. But I actually do care about keeping in touch with my friends so maybe somebody cares about keeping in touch with me. I don’t know. I’ll read whatever you post. How’s that for no direction 🙂

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