Learning to talk

Lego now can say a whole bunch of words. I haven’t even counted them for a while because he keeps adding new ones. Not only that, but his earliest words sound almost exactly like they should now (what used to be “duh” for Dad now sounds like “Dad,” for instance). He says “cheese” and “star” and “grandpa” and “diaper.” Every time I hear him try a new word out, I get a thrill. I knew it would be amazing watching my child learn to talk, but I didn’t know it would be this exhilarating. Almost as exciting is watching him understand and respond to more and more of what we say to him.

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  1. S-Boogie was a very verbal kid, but Little Dude is proving to be much more of a late bloomer. He only says Mama, Dada, and quack. He also points and shrieks a lot, so I’m trying to get him to sign so we can avoid the shrieking. It is fun to see how much they figure out though, isn’t it?

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