Random Musings

New allergies?

The other day, I was eating almonds when I realized they were really making my mouth itch. I’ve eaten almonds my whole life without any problems whatsoever. But that night, my allergic reaction was so bad that I had to stop eating them.

Two nights ago, I couldn’t stop scratching my arm. I pulled up my sleeve and saw that I had hives all over. In fact, everywhere my sweater was touching my skin, I felt itchy. I took off the sweater and checked the tag. Yep, 36% Merino wool. Apparently I’ve developed an allergy to wool as well.

And for the last few months, I’ve noticed that my mouth itches every time I eat bananas. After I eat bananas, I have indigestion for several hours. It’s not bad if I have a few slices of banana in fruit salad or jello, and I don’t notice it at all if the banana is cooked. But if I eat a whole banana, I definitely regret it.

I’m scared to find out what’s going to bother me next.


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