Potty . . . training?

Last week I bought Lego a potty chair. He’d been increasingly interested in the toilet, and once while at Jon Boy’s parents he told me he was “going poop” five minutes before he actually did. I figured it would be good for him to see the potty and occasionally sit on it fully clothed before I attempted potty training at age 2 (he’s 21 months now).

He loves that thing and mostly just plays with it. When I go to the bathroom, if I let him in, he sits down on his potty the entire time.

Then, last night, we were eating dinner when he started complaining about his tummy. I asked him if he needed to go poop, and he said yes. I asked him if he wanted to get down from his high chair, since he doesn’t like to poop sitting down at all, and he said okay. As soon as he was down, he headed to the closed bathroom door and started saying something like “potty” or “poopy” or something. After a brief discussion about whether we should let him try his potty, especially when he’d just told us he had to go, we decided to give it a try. I expected him to sit there for a few seconds and get up.

Jon Boy opened the door and removed Lego’s pants and diaper. Lego sat down on his potty, and, as expected, sat there for a few minutes before starting to sit up.

“Are you all done?” Jon Boy asked.

“Okay,” Lego said.

That’s when Jon Boy noticed the urine in the potty.

Yeah, Lego got a piece of candy and a lot of praise. I’m still laughing about the whole thing to myself. I guess if he repeats this behavior, I’m going to start potty training in earnest, even though he’s not two yet and he can’t actually pull down his own pants. If he wants to go on the potty, who am I to say he’s not ready?


  1. Woah, that’s great!! They say to train them when they start acting ready–sounds like he’s doing just that!

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