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Review: A Million Shadows by Janci Patterson

4 stars.

A Million Shadows
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This is the sequel to A Thousand Faces, which is about a family of shapeshifters for hire in modern Los Angeles. The main character is their teenage daughter, who ends up in a lot of trouble when her parents go missing while on a corporate espionage mission. There’s romance that I thought was extremely well done. Anyway, that was the first book.

Now, in the second book, the MC is basically on her own, with potential enemies hiding in every shadow. It was still good, but for some reason, I didn’t get sucked in in the same way. Maybe it’s unfair to this book that I read it soon after The Girl Who Drank the Moon and directly before When You Reach Me, which were both some of my favorite books I’d read in a while, so I compared it with them. I will finish the series for sure.

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