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Review: Aru Shah and the End of Time by Roshana Chokshi

2.5 stars: It was somewhere between okay and good.

Aru Shah and the End of Time cover (link to Goodreads)

To be fair, the book had to be returned to the library before I finished. I think I was 2/3 through. There were things I liked about it (the premise and the mythology mainly), but I didn’t quite feel as if the author had zeroed in enough on the character or the plot. It’s hard to say for sure since I didn’t finish reading, and if I hadn’t run out of time I probably would have. But since I now need to put it back on hold to read the rest, I find I don’t care enough to. Many people find this book a lot of fun. It’s been compared to Percy Jackson, only with Hindu mythology instead of Greek. (Spoiler for a few weeks from now: I didn’t like Percy Jackson either. In fact, I liked it much less than Aru Shah.)

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