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Review: Doll Bones by Holly Black

3 stars

Doll Bones cover (link to Goodreads)

Three kids, who love roleplaying and acting out stories with action figures, have a bit of a falling out. One of the girls in the group claims this creepy antique doll her mom keeps in a cabinet has spoken to her, begging her to bury her in the cemetery a few towns away. It’s unclear for most of the book whether the girl is telling the truth (and this is truly a ghost story) or if she’s just making everything up to try to keep the group together, or a mixture of both. Anyway, the kids have adventures and misadventures before the end, and of course they make up. It dealt with some good, deep issues, but I felt like some aspects were kind of cliche or old-fashioned, which was odd for a book published in 2013. Also, the writing didn’t wow me in general.

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