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Review: Space Case by Stuart Gibbs

3 stars (I liked it). My middle grade son rates it 4 stars.

Space Case cover (link to Goodreads)

If you like mystery, space, sarcastic middle grade voices, fun, or any combination of the above, chances are, you’ll enjoy this book. It’s a quick read with lots of humor and the perfect situation to allow a kid to need to solve the mystery.

It wasn’t the best mystery I ever read, but I was never bored, and it made a day of picking hundreds of apples from my apple tree more pleasant (I had the audiobook running while I was way up in the tree, fighting the wind threatening to knock me out of said tree).

There are sequels, which my son read as well and liked. I love the merger of science fiction and mystery, something I feel there isn’t enough of. I may be biased, though, as my current WIP is a sf mystery (though for YA).

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