Kids, Random Musings


1. The fastest and most effective way to get Lego to wake up from a nap (say, when falls asleep on the couch too late in the afternoon) is to put him in his bed. Otherwise, it’s almost impossible.

2. I just bought some faux suede teal flats. For some reason, having such utterly impractical shoes makes me feel rich, even if I just paid $2 for them at a yard sale.

3.Yesterday, I came to a four-way stop. Another vehicle approached the intersection at almost exactly the same time as me. I thought I’d gotten there first, so I started to drive into the intersection. When I saw that the other driver was moving into the intersection too, I stopped to let her pass. As she drove by, she gave me a very stern, angry look and shook her head slowly several times. I had to laugh. Obviously she was a Latter-day Saint woman who would never flip someone the bird on principle. But she was not above letting me know that that’s exactly what she would have done were she, you know, the type.

4. My dad got us a season pass to the pool for the summer. We are loving it! We’ve only been three times, but the kids just love the water, and it’s a great way to get out of the house when it’s hot without melting into a puddle of goo.

5. Duplo weaned himself (more on this later) just in time for Jon Boy and I to take a mini-vacation next week. Talk about timing!

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  1. 1-That’s really funny.
    2-Pretty, impractical shoes are *great* for that.
    5-Yay! Enjoy your mini-vacation.

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