Soliciting Feedback

Okay, so I’ve gone through several iterations of blog design, and I’m starting to realize that design really isn’t my strong suit. So I need some feedback:

1) White picket fence: yes or no?

2) If I go with the white picket fence, is the shade of blue I’m using the best option for the background of the rest? What other options do I have?

3) The font in the header was green before. Now it’s dark brown. I’m not sure I like either all that much. Any suggestions on something else? Maybe a darker shade of the background blue?

4) If I were to take down the fence (get it?), I would change the color scheme entirely. I’m thinking of a very cool light tan (khaki or somewhat darker) with brick red and coffee brown accents (text, headers, links, etc.). Does that sound more appealing than blue and white with a picket fence? Which is more “me”? (Yeah, I know I should know that more than any of you . . . )

Thanks for any help you can offer. 🙂


  1. Don’t take my advice too seriously, since I’m usually just reading through a feed reader, but I don’t like the picket fence. If you leave it, I’d support making the fence background transparent (I could probably do this in the GIMP if you can’t) and setting it to horizontally repeat.

  2. I think it looks rather nice with the red and khaki! 🙂 I thought the fence was nice, but I don’t think the red would match it very well.

  3. I personally loved the blue background, white picket fence, and orange buttons, but it isn’t my blog. These colors are pretty. 🙂

  4. Yeah, actually, the blue/orange scheme reminded me of you. But I didn’t really feel like it was me, and I didn’t like that it wasn’t all that readable. Also, the fence was starting to bug me; it looked a lot better in my imagination than in reality.

  5. I’m very impressed with the new look, and I especially like the tumbling leaves on the side; they’re the perfect combination of swirliness, prettiness, naturaliness, and patterniness for you. In my quiet humble opinion.

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