I just bought two shirts online. I wasn’t really planning to, though I have felt that my fall wardrobe leaves something to be desired. I have a folder in my bookmarks called “wish list.” A link to a swimsuit from Layers has been in that folder all summer, even though I now have a workable swimsuit. Last week I discovered that it was on clearance for $25, down from the original $60. I was so tempted to get it, but I decided against it for reasons I won’t get into here.

Tonight I decided to check if Layers had anything else on clearance worth buying. I found two cute long-sleeved shirts, one for $10 and one for $6. I didn’t deliberate. I just saw them, liked the price, and bought them, all in a matter of about ten minutes. I used my own spending money, so it’s not like it’s coming out of our budget or anything.

Why do I feel like I just did something risky and exciting?


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