Things I’ve been loving lately

1. How El Guapo loves to shake his head back and forth, as if he’s saying “no,” and how everyone in the family loves to try to get him to do it. It’s become his “silly head thing.”

2. How Duplo rushes to the door to put on his boots when he hears that someone is leaving. He has fireman-style rain boots that he tromps around in everywhere, and he’ll stand (in the garage if it’s Jonathon leaving or on the curb if it’s anyone else) and wave and wave until the person leaving is out of sight. What a sweetheart.

3. How Lego transposes the songs he learns into different keys and experiments with combining sounds he likes from different songs into “compositions” of his own. It’s pretty elementary still, but I love hearing him play with music.

4. How El Guapo scoots, wiggles, and rolls his way all around the house now. I don’t so much love trying to keep him from eating things he shouldn’t, but that just goes with the territory, I guess.

5. How Duplo went to comfort a crying toddler yesterday at church, a toddler, mind you, whom he did not know at all.

6. How Jonathon just landed a well-paying freelance gig because people online are starting to notice how intelligent and insightful he is about language.

7. How it’s been feeling like May in March.

8. How I mowed down our entire, huge back yard full of dead weeds in one morning while my youngest sister watched the kids (thanks, Em!). A lot of sweat and a little blood went into the project, and the lawn mower, while not too happy with what I was putting it through, managed it okay.

9. How Lego seemed to latch onto the idea that I love it when kids do good things without being asked and has offered to set the table, get dressed, and pick up his things today. He loves the praise I give him for being proactive too, so maybe it’s win-win.

10. How El Guapo smiles huge whenever his daddy comes home. There really seems to be a special connection between those two. 🙂

What have you been loving lately?

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