I was driving today and listening to 101.9 The End, which is usually one of my favorite radio stations (not that I really like radio, but in the car, it’s sometimes better than silence). It was afternoon, so the DJs were Parker and Wendy. They were reading this list from Esquire of things men shouldn’t do after they turn 30. It was supposed to be funny, but it was really more dumb, in my opinion: things like wearing spandex and claiming shotgun and opening Oreos to eat them.

Then Parker blurted out, “Make dinner and vacuum.”

I didn’t hear what Wendy said next, but he repeated himself and clarified, “No man over thirty should make dinner or vacuum. That’s why guys get married, so they don’t have to do that stuff anymore.”

I only heard the second half of Wendy’s response (loud traffic with the windows rolled down), but it involved something about how single guys over thirty would never get married if they held to that advice.

I had to wonder if Parker’s wife (if he has one) was listening in. I also had to wonder what guys who were listening in thought of what Parker said.

I mean, I know there are dumb, sexist people in the world. I just wish they weren’t on the radio preaching their dumb, sexist ideas to other people. Because if even one guy out there wonders if he’s less of a man because he makes dinner or vacuums for his wife after listening to the show, that makes me really mad.

I would like to think that Jon Boy married me because he valued my company and found me attractive, and not because I would make him dinner. I know I didn’t marry him for his money. C’mon, people. This is the twenty-first century.


  1. You know, I wonder how guys like that get married in the first place. Because he doesn’t sound like the sort who hates cooking and vacuuming but makes up for it by scrubbing the toilet and doing the laundry.

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