Updates on the boys


Lego’s growing up fast. He can sound out small words (like cat and pen) all by himself, and he’s really into drawing. Some of his pictures are actually really good. Throughout the day, when we’re away from home, he’ll tell me the things he’s going to draw when we get back. It’s a real window into his mind and what he finds interesting. We just got him a set of paints, and he’s done some great little paintings of faces and rainbows and whatnot. He’s also discovering the concept of jokes but isn’t quite there yet. Sometimes he’ll forget the punchline part.


Duplo is slowly but surely learning to talk. He’s also causing all sorts of trouble, as my last two posts probably indicate. Hahaha. He’s really curious and great with his little hands and feet. He can climb just about anywhere and open even the heaviest drawers. The only obstacle left is opening doors (heaven forbid).

I wanted to list the words he knows so I’d have a record, and this seems as good a place as any: uh-oh, down, shoe, mm-mm (“no,” which he shakes his head while saying), milk, yum, tickle, hot, hat, eye, beep (when poking noses), car, ruff-ruff (which is seriously cute, especially when he’s in his dog costume), mine. He also says “da” a lot when he’s pointing at something or handing us something he wants us to look at. I’m not sure if he means “that,” or if it’s just a random syllable. And it’s hard to tell, but I think he’s saying “Mommy” and sometimes “Daddy” too. Anyway, it’s nice to finally hear his little voice more.

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  1. I like peeking into your little world as you describe the ‘new’ occurances with both lego and duplo. How I adore them!

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