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Haircutting it close

Sorry about the bad, bad pun in the title. Actually, if I were really sorry, I would have avoided it instead of leaving it and adding a token apology. Hm. I got a haircut today, which makes me happy. I had a specific look in mind, but I wasn’t sure it would look good on […]

They’re setting me up for insecurity.

Yesterday was my baby shower. Four of my friends brought children under the age of 18 months with them, and all four children were unbelievably well behaved. The only child who cried in the two-hour period was my nine-month-old niece, who had been happily sitting on my mother-in-law’s lap until my sister-in-law (my niece’s mother) […]


My first job was as a server at Boston Market. One of my favorite regular customers was a man I thought of as Meatloaf Man. Really, this was not the most inventive name I could have come up with for him, but it suited him. You see, once a week he came in for lunch […]

A pain in the butt

Because it’s too funny to pass up. (See Jon Boy’s blog if you don’t know what I mean.) Ow ow ow ow ow. Hopefully at 9:10 tomorrow, it should start feeling better. Ow ow ow ow ow.


We went to Target yesterday and got a package of onesies, a package of baby socks, and a package of comfy flannel receiving blankets. Once we got home, I started packing the hospital bag with the outfit we’ll dress the baby in to come home from the hospital. I put the rest of our purchases […]