Why is it that I almost never use the exercise room that’s in the building that’s less than 25 feet from my front door? I want to stay active and healthy, but I can’t make myself put on my shoes and go over there. I think I need an exercise buddy.


    I went and exercised today! Hooray!

    Wohoo! Sometimes just posting that you haven’t been doing something gives you that much more pust to actually do it. Keep up the good work!

    You exercised at 5:00 am today? Either I missed something or your blog clock is off.

    Um, yeah. I’ll fix the clock.

    I tell myself I’m never motivated to exercise because I prefer to play and it’s too cold outside. But last night I shoveled snow for a while. I was breathing hard and it was heavy snow. I think that totally counts as exercise. Oh, and there are stairs on the way up to my, most exalted, office at work now. That counts too.

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