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Airing my dirty laundry

Stats for last week:

Loads: 7
Duplo’s shirts: 12
Duplo’s pants: 8
Lego’s shirts: 5
Lego’s pants: 7
Loads forgotten in the washer: 1
Mismatched socks: 6 (but we’ll probably find some of the mates this week at least)
Days until laundry time again: 1


I did buy a plastic smock-style bib for Duplo today with a pocket at the bottom to catch stuff that falls to his lap. I hope that helps the situation somewhat. The bigger part of the problem is that we’ve been playing outside a lot, so everyone’s covered in sidewalk chalk and mud.

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  1. Oh I hear ya with the outside play!!! It adds to the laundry like CRAZY!!! Plus add a new baby in the mix and I swear our laundry has DOUBLED(sniffle)!!!

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