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What a day!

Crazy things that happened today:

1. I found out this morning that my grandparents would be arriving this afternoon, not tomorrow with the rest of my family. Unfortunately, my house was not exactly ready for company. I’m not sure how I was so out of the loop, but it was nice to get an unexpected visit with just them anyway.

2. Duplo took his first steps—in front of Granny and Grampy, no less! He actually walked a few steps several times during the evening, so Kenneren and Flyboy got to seem him walk too.

3. Our upstairs neighbors’ baby arrived (they’re adopting). They are really good friends of mine, so this baby has been highly anticipated for a while. They have two boys, so they’ve been trying to accumulate pink everything since the ultrasound tech said the baby was a girl. Here’s the crazy part: he’s actually a boy. Hahahaha! They actually had to run to the store to get an outfit to bring him home in, and they didn’t have a boy name picked out at all.

4. I reorganized our storage closet using some new wire shelves. Everything is so much more organized and accessible now, and it looks much, much better. Unfortunately, I’m totally sore from doing that and cleaning the house. Sometimes it’s fun to be sore, though, to show you worked hard.

I’m ready for tomorrow to be somewhat more normal, no matter how cool today was.


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