Day 10: Sing a song

Lego loves music. This is probably my fault—I loved it when my mom sang to us when we were kids, so I’ve sung to Lego a lot since he was born. When he was little, he’d calm down to “My Pigeon House” when nothing else would soothe him. Now that he’s older, he asks for songs. A lot.

When he “talks” to my mom on the phone, she’ll often sing him a song. I guess this confused him because now he’ll say, “Sing a song!” to anyone he talks to on the phone. And if anybody obliges, the inevitable next sentence is, “Another one?”

Lego asks me to sing him songs all day long. The most recent development is for him to request specific songs, or songs about specific things—a car song, for instance. It was frustrating for a while because he’d want a certain song, and I’d start singing something and he’d say, “No, no!” When I’d ask which song he wanted, he’d simply say, “That one.” But now he’s figured out, more or less, how to name the songs he knows. There’s Liam’s song, Grandma’s song, Mommy’s song, the Daddy song, the bunny songs (there are three), Sunbeam, and so on. About half the time he’ll do appropriate actions and half the time he just wants me to do them.

He doesn’t sing along much yet, but that will come later. I’m actually kind of eager to hear what his little singing voice sounds like.

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