Days 11 and 12

Day 11: Kiss it better

One thing I’ve noticed about other kids that’s different from Lego is that when they get hurt, they cry a lot longer than he does. I mean, Lego cries good and loud when he hurts himself, just like any normal child. But when Jon Boy or I kiss it better, he pretty much stops immediately. We do have to kiss the right spot, but he makes that easy by thrusting it to our mouth. Sometimes, if the boo-boo is really bad, he needs a kiss from both parents. If we’re not around, the adult watching him will suffice—I’ve been told he demanded a kiss once when he hurt himself in nursery. I’ve never before felt like my kisses were so literally magical.

 Day 12: Playing sleep

An activity that Lego has enjoyed for months now is “sleeping.” He will grab a pillow (or an object that works as a pillow) and lie down in the “beetlebug” position (see the third picture down in this post). Then he will ask one of us to put a blanket on him. Sometimes the game extends to us. “Mommy/Daddy sleep!” he’ll command. Of course, he’s courteous and finds us a blanket and pillow as well, or shares his. In the past week, he’s learned to say “Liam’s awake,” and “Liam’s waking up,” so that’s become part of the routine too.

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