Day 6: Nursery

The highlight of Lego’s week is going to nursery on Sunday. He loves wearing his church clothes: black pants, white button-up shirt, black tie, red-and-black plaid vest, black socks, and black shoes. He knows that when he gets to wear those clothes, it means he gets to go to nursery. Unfortunately, he doesn’t understand the concept of “later,” so he assumes it’s time to go right now and gets quite upset when we can’t.

Lego loves pretty much everything about being at nursery. He gets to play with new toys, he gets to play with his friends, he gets to participate in singing time and finger plays, he gets to have a snack, and he sometimes gets to color. I’m glad he likes nursery so much because it allows us to drop him off and not worry about him for two whole hours. Some weeks, I feel almost as excited about nursery as he does. (That doesn’t make me a bad mommy, right? Hehehehe.)

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  1. you are the best Mommy I know and I am glad you can be the Mother of my cherished grandbabies.

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