Day 7: Messy

Lego hates to be messy. Sometimes this is nice—I often forget to put a bib on him because he usually doesn’t get his clothes dirty when he eats. Sometimes, though, it’s just annoying. He won’t pick up his food with his fingers because then they’ll be “messy,” and even if he does use his fingers, he demands a napkin after each time he touches the food. Likewise, if I accidentally get a glob of, say, yogurt on his face when feeding him, he will insist that I wipe it off before he’ll take another bite. Even when he’s helping with dishes, he’ll start complaining about being messy if he gets water or soap bubbles on his hands. I’ve started leaving a hand towel on the back of the chair he stands on.

He’s finally becoming pretty proficient with a fork, though, so hopefully the days of him yelling “messy” every two seconds at mealtime are almost over. I do wonder if it’s a passing phase or whether he’ll have an issue with cleanliness all his life. I guess time will tell.

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