Days 27 and 28

Day 27: Lego is little.

Lego loves to point out the fact that he is little, while Mommy and Daddy are “biiiiiiig.” He says “big” with kind of a growl in his voice and draws the vowel way out to emphasize how ginormous we really are. And when he says, “[Lego’s] little!” he says it in this excited singsong voice, like it’s the best thing in the world to be little.

Day 28: Play toys!

Lego really, really prefers to play with someone rather than alone. He can play alone, but he will only do so as a last resort. And he will never go into his bedroom to play with his toys when there isn’t someone in there with him. When I’m busy cleaning or cooking, he’ll be right there beside me helping (as mentioned before) rather than playing by himself. When I’m at the computer, he makes himself a nuisance trying to get my attention or begging me to read him books or play toys with him. This is why I do almost all of my blogging at night after he’s in bed or during his nap.

He especially loves to have a friend near his own age to play with. I imagine it’s because a playmate is more fun than Mommy or Daddy usually are. I hope Lego and his little brother play well together. I am quite glad the next little one is going to be a boy.

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