Days 29 and 30

Day 29: Roughhousing

I debated talking about this at all because many little kids like to be tossed up in the air, hung upside down, tackled, swung around, and generally roughhoused. It hardly makes Lego unique. But I finally decided to include it because, seriously, if you want to be Lego’s best friend for life, play rough with him a little next time you see him. Lego loves his Uncle Nate because he sometimes roughhouses with Lego. Just please, if you care about me at all, don’t do it within an hour of bedtime.

Day 30: Make you laugh

Lego is always so proud when he can make us laugh. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know what he’s doing that’s so funny. When he does inadvertently say or do something funny enough to make me totally crack up—extra especially if Jon Boy does too at the same time—he’ll sometimes say, “Make you laugh!” with this very pleased grin on his face. Of course, that often gets me/us laughing even more. So then he’ll ham it up and start doing whatever got us started laughing in the first place over and over.

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