Duplo Day 21: Confident with People

Duplo hasn’t had a very intense period of separation anxiety. I vaguely remember him crying for a minute or two when left with a babysitter for a month or so. He also had a bit of a hard time the first time Lego went to primary instead of to nursery with Duplo, but by the next week, he was used to the idea. Now he runs right into his classroom to color and play with toys and never seems overly overjoyed to see us come pick him up afterward. He plays well with babysitters (though one funny thing is that if he’s napping, he refuses to leave his crib unless a parent is the one getting him out). He loves playing with friends and knows many of their names. I wouldn’t say that he’s a social butterfly, but he does play quietly and kindly with others most of the time and has a confidence that I think other kids find calming. He has started hitting when a friend takes his toy, but he doesn’t do it very often (except with Lego). I’m so glad that both of our kids seem more comfortable socially than we I was at their age.

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