Duplo Day 22: Prayer Time

Duplo has recently learned how to pray. We had a Family Home Evening lesson in which Lego taught Duplo what you’re supposed to do at prayer time, and ever since, he folds his little arms, closes his eyes tight, and bows his head. Also, he loves to say the prayer, whether or not it’s his turn. Every meal, every family prayer, every time, Duplo echoes whoever’s saying it. This is also true at church. It gets kind of embarrassing when he spends the whole sacrament prayers saying, “Heavenly Father. Day. Heavenly Father. Day,” and other random syllables as he tries to copy what the person praying is saying. Hopefully nobody at church minds too much.


  1. Abby just started praying. She places one hand on the other and says her baby babble. It’s so cute.

    I don’t think anyone minds when the little ones pray. Its too adorable

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