Duplo Day 26: Storytime

Duplo is really getting into books lately. At night, after Lego’s in bed, we read pretty much straight for 30-60 minutes. He’ll bring Daddy a book, then run and get another one for Mommy to read, then back to Daddy, and so on and so forth. He’s started commenting on what he sees in the pictures.

One of my favorites right now is a little book we checked out from the library, called No No Yes Yes by Leslie Patricelli. The entire text of the book is either “no no” or “yes yes,” and it shows a baby doing various things that are wrong, like coloring on the walls or putting toys in the toilet or hitting another baby. You know, stuff that every kid Duplo’s age has tried at least once. The corresponding page will show a “yes yes” to do instead, like coloring on paper, or sitting on the toilet, or playing nicely with the baby. As we read, Duplo will explain the pictures: “No no color wall. Yes yes paper.” He knows all the rules, even the ones he still regularly breaks. It’s kind of awesome.

He’s also starting to call a few of his favorite books by their “names,” like the cricket book, the kiss book, the supper book, etc. By the end of each night, we have quite a pile. Most nights I am happy to read to my little boy, happy for the one-on-one time we get to spend with each other and his favorite books.

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