Duplo Day 27: Outside

Just like his big brother, Duplo has fallen in love with the outdoors. Sometimes he’ll bring me his socks and shoes to put on, and then demand his coat, as if merely being dressed and ready to go outside means we will be going. Once out there, Duplo likes to ride the ride-on toys, color with sidewalk chalk, play in the mud, look for bugs, run around, and drive trucks (the toys in the garage are kind of communal, and the upstairs neighbors have some bigger truck toys to play with outside). Of course, it’s usually more fun if the upstairs neighbors, who have boys ages 3.5, 2.5, and 1, come outside too. We’ve gotten out sprinklers to run through a couple times too, and I’m surprised by how okay Duplo is getting wet. Since the weather’s been mostly great this week, we have spent hours outside each day. When we get inside, it seems that the kids wish they could spend a few more hours out there. Hooray for glorious weather!


  1. You know, I have thought about what will happen when we both move! I’m pretty sure Brecken and Gracen think all houses have 2 families living in them 🙂 With fun boys of course!

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