Duplo on the Go

Duplo’s officially crawling! He started creeping about six weeks ago or so but was never as fast at it as Lego was. It was obvious even from the start that his goal was to crawl on all fours. About a week ago, he took his first crawling “steps,” but he could only do a few at a time. On Sunday he crossed about half a room, yesterday he was doing that often, and today he’s more or less crawling all the time.

He’s also learning to point, which is really cute. He’s fascinated by tongues and will point to my mouth and try to find my tongue. If I stick my tongue out, he gets all excited and tries to grab it before I pull it back in.

Also, he’s decided that baby food and infant cereal are no longer for him. Because of Lego’s food aversions at this age and much older, I had no idea what to feed him. But I now have bananas, pears, salt-free canned peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, and potatoes in the house, along with Cheerios. Duplo has also tried some of my oatmeal and pasta. So far he’s liked almost everything.

It seems like he’s made a whole bunch of leaps all at once. I can’t believe my baby is growing up so fast.


  1. I think it is time for me to come and visit before he changes and grows up too fast. Better yet can I just come and live with you?

  2. Yay, Duplo! That’s exciting that he’s crawling. And that’s so great that he’s up for trying new foods.

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