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Duplo has started learning to pick things up with his thumb and forefinger (or sometimes thumb and middle finger). Now, any small object on the carpet goes in his mouth. We have found one of Lego’s stickers and some needles from our (fake) Christmas tree in his diaper. I have also fished numerous things out of his mouth, including rocks, potpourri pieces, tape, and nasty dried-out food he found in a corner of the kitchen. I guess it’s time to start vacuuming daily. Or at least every other day. The upside is that he loves Cheerios, so he’ll entertain himself by eating large quantities of them while we eat, instead of screaming if I don’t feed him his baby food before beginning my meal.

Also, somehow we have more or less managed to get both boys in bed by 8:00 on a regular basis. This is so vastly different from a few weeks ago that I can hardly believe it. It feels good, though, to have lots of quiet time before I need to go to bed myself. Turns out all I needed to do was stop letting Lego nap. I’m not sure why Duplo started going to bed earlier when Lego did, though.

And finally, I’m hungry. I had seconds of dinner, two cookies after dinner, and a bowl of ramen (because I realized I was still pretty hungry and contemplating a third cookie). I’m closer to full but not there yet. I really shouldn’t go get another cookie. . . .


  1. I love this! Well, I guess I love it because I am sure when my boys were crawling there would have been misc items in their diapers!

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