Leaps and bounds

Duplo has been developing at an alarming rate lately. He has learned to wave, and he also likes to “shake” his head if you shake yours at him. His strength is increasing so that he can bounce pretty vigorously when standing, and he’s starting to cruise one-handed. There have been a few times when he has (unknowingly) stood for about eight seconds. He loves to walk with help (sometimes holding only one hand), and we’ve been practicing walking alone with him. So far I’m not counting any first steps, but he has done two or three stumbling steps between us.

Last night, I caught him holding a toy phone to his ear and babbling into it. Unfortunately, he’d stopped doing it by the time I got the camera out.

Kenneren and I are trying to guess whether he’ll walk or talk first. My money’s on walking; she’s going for talking. She might win, though—lately, Duplo has been saying “num num num” at dinnertime and when he’s about to be put into his high chair. Like the stumbling steps, though, I’m not sure whether or not to count it as his first word.

He has had a series of fevers, poor kid, and finally found a doctor who got a good enough look in his ears to prescribe antibiotics for an ear infection. Suddenly he’s sleeping longer periods, both during the day and at night, and he’s doing much better at self-settling when put into his crib. I’m wondering now how long he’s had that infection. 🙁

And as for Lego, he’s mastered pooping on the potty. He just took some convincing the first time, and after that, there have been no problems. He’s loving being outside and has spent most of the last two days in the sunshine. His speech continues to impress us on a daily basis.

I’m so proud of my boys but a little scared of how fast they’re growing up “to be daddies,” as Lego says.

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