Lego can walk!

Last night we got Lego to take a few steps if one of us walked him almost all the way to the other—you know, the classic scene with Daddy holding Baby’s hands as Baby walks toward Mommy, arms outstretched. Then Daddy lets go and Baby stumbles two or three steps to Mommy. I predicted last night that Lego would be walking all around within a week.

This afternoon, I was straightening up in Lego’s room. He was playing with the drawers in his dresser, as usual. But then he let go of the drawer and headed toward the piano bench. He took five or six good steps and then fell down just before reaching the bench.

After that, he’s been venturing out over and over again. Each time I get excited and clap and say “Good boy!” Now, when he lets go of something, he’ll start clapping himself. Just now he crossed an entire room. He is so pleased with himself.

Frankly, I’m pretty pleased myself.


  1. I’m just sad that we don’t have a digital camcorder. Otherwise I’d post some clips. I suppose I could take a little movie with our digital camera, but the quality is pretty terrible.

  2. Uh oh. Now you’ll never have a moments’ peace again! Good luck running down your toddler! 🙂

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