The piano tuner says . . .

. . . we stole the piano. His first guess was that it was less than a year old. He asked if we had bought it new. When I told him we’d bought it used and paid $1200 for it, he told me we stole it. After he finished tuning it, he looked its serial number up in his little book, and it turns out it’s a 1986 model. He was very surprised by that because it’s in perfect condition (well, except for being out of tune, which is now remedied). He also said that if he were going to buy a piano, it would be a Yamaha.


  1. That’s ballsy. Who tells someone they must have stolen a piano? (How do you even steal a piano anyway, they’re HUGE and HEAVY??).

    I’m very excited for you, though. How awesome to have a piano! It really makes a house a home, in my opinion.

  2. He didn’t mean to accuse us of literally stealing the piano. He simply meant that we paid so much less than what it was worth that we practically stole it. Have you never heard the phrase used that way? My mom uses it that way all the time.

  3. Congratulations on your purloined piano; I think you should name it Hektor.

  4. How come when I’m in your forum – if I click on the links at left for “Brinestone” or “Pictures” I get a 404 error message?

  5. I’m not sure why the Brinestone link doesn’t work, but as for most of the rest of them, it’s because I changed the names on the buttons but didn’t actually make pages for them to link to yet. One day I want to have a whole “side” to this website. The thing is, I need Jon Boy to reinstall the gallery before I can add pictures, and I’m still so ignorant when it comes to Web design that I really would like his help with the other parts. And it’s hard to get him and me together, uninterrupted, at the same time I’m thinking about that. So for now they’re broken links.

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