Momma and Boppa Part 2: Pictures

Here’s the pictures I promised.

Lego helping set up the tent.

Lego setting up the tent with Boppa

Disembodied head

This was the morning when he had to wear Momma’s jacket.

We all got ice cream, and Lego flitted from cone to cone, sampling everyone’s.

How can you resist?

Look at my eyes. Now do what I say.


  1. Now how cute is he!!?!? He really is amazing. I love the blond hair and blue eyes and I can’t believe that he is getting so big. My favorite picture is the one with him in the jacket. Precious.

  2. They’re on my parents’ camera. The only other one in the jacket that I have is of him in the high chair, so it’s not that great. Also, I’m in the background of that picture looking positively horrid.

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