Momma and Boppa

My parents came out to bring my brother to college on Wednesday. They spent the rest of the weekend visiting and camping with us, and Granny and Grampy came in on Saturday with my youngest sister. Lego absolutely loved having them here, and they loved spending time with him. He is a very outgoing and charismatic child, and he becomes especially adorable when he knows people are looking at him.

On Thursday, my parents came up with my brother to visit after going to orientation, buying books, and getting him settled. They left that night and came back in the morning. I told Lego in the morning that Grandma and Grandpa would be coming back soon. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Lego gasped, said, “Boppa!” and ran to the door.

They took him up to set up camp while I went to the dentist (which turned out to be expensive . . . that’s what I get for not going for four years), and I guess he acted as if they’d taken him to the most exciting place possible. He helped with poles, went in the tent, laughed, came out of the tent, ran around, laughed, and generally had a great time.

That night, we sat around the fire after dinner (steak, potatoes, and “norn,” or corn on the cob, which Lego loved). Lego found the leather gloves we use to work with things near the fire. “Hand!” he exclaimed without any prompting, and then proceeded to try to put it on. We helped him get both gloves on, and he proudly showed off his “hands” to everyone who would look, saying “hand” over and over.

On Saturday morning, his diaper leaked before we could change it, soaking his only warm clothes. My mom dressed him in shorts and a t-shirt, and then put one of her light jackets on him with the sleeves rolled up. It came down to his feet so that he looked like Alvin or one of the chipmunks. My dad got a really funny picture of him kneeling down and looking disembodied in it. I’ll post it when they send me a copy over email.

I also made a list of all the words he uses independently (not counting words he mimics but doesn’t use when we don’t say them), and came up with close to 90 in all. Wow! He’ll probably start talking in phrases soon. He did say “Hi, Mom,” to me over the weekend, so maybe that’s a start.

Last night, before he and I went home to bed, he gave everyone kisses goodbye. On the mouth. I think it just about broke my mom’s (and granny’s) hearts to see him go. I’m so proud to have such a confident, affectionate, fun, funny, and darling son.

He sure missed Momma and Boppa today, though. He was fussy and bored and nursey all day. And Jon Boy and I were so tired that we didn’t have much energy to entertain him. Poor Lego. Maybe we’ll have to call them on the phone tomorrow to cheer him up.


  1. We miss all of you terribly. Liam is an amazing child due to his amazing Mom and Dad. We are proud of all of you!

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