It’s been hot for a long time here, as it has in much of the country. I have to be really diligent about watering my garden or else the earth begins to look parched and gets as hard as a brick. We can’t really go outside after noon because it’s just too hot, so lately our gardening/biking time has been before breakfast.

Last week at church, a statement was read about how we should all be praying for rain to help with the wildfires burning in Utah and other parts of the west. I’ve never really been one to pray for rain, but I have been, and when it rained steadily today for most of the morning, part of the afternoon, and again in the evening, I could almost feel the force of thousands upon thousands of prayers. And the rainbow tonight was the cherry on top. The sun was setting, and the rosy light, the sprinking rain, and the rainbow were almost so beautiful I couldn’t stand it.

It’s funny to think that yesterday, it was so hot and dry, and it had been so hot and dry for so long, that it wouldn’t have occurred to me that a cooler, rainy, rainbowy day could be right around the corner.

I think sometimes I look backward at how long this trial or that one has been going on and wonder how much longer I can hold on, how much longer I can keep praying and hoping for a change. It was a nice reminder today that sometimes prayers are answered suddenly and overwhelmingly.

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