Updates on the boys

April was a crazy, but good, month for us. We kicked it off with Lego’s sixth birthday, followed by spring break in Colorado, followed by a mostly normal week at home (okay, so maybe not quite as normal as that), followed by my youngest sister’s wedding and then a vacation to Bryce and then down to Arizona to visit Jon Boy’s family.

I hope to post pictures of it all soon, but for now, I just wanted to give a quick update on how the boys are doing.

Lego has started playing piano. He competed in the NFMC solo festival this year and earned a superior score (the highest). He also asked for a guitar for his birthday and has learned to play a couple of little songs on it. He reads very well, but we’re working on improving comprehension and retention of the books at his level (short chapter books). He graduates from kindergarten today. They’ve been working on a couple of dances to perform for the parents, so I’m really excited to go.

Duplo will turn four in about a week and a half. He’s coming into his personality. He is very much a fan of little rituals: waving goodbye to Daddy in the garage every morning and then running to the front door to watch his car drive away after the garage door closes; following the bedtime routine EXACTLY; walking to Lego’s classroom when we drop him off; sitting in the same chair at dinner. He can be pretty irrationally stubborn about things at times, which is just his age. He loves his brothers, watching people fix things or build things, riding his tricycle, playing in the dirt, climbing trees, and drawing.

El Guapo is a wiggly ten-month-old. He is scooting all over the house on his tummy, but he won’t crawl or cruise, even though his big brothers were doing both at his age. He says uh-oh, muh (when he’s thirsty, even for juice), and maybe da da. He also shakes his head “no” over and over to say hello or to be silly or just because he feels like it. Finally he’s sleeping long stretches again most nights (he’d done it until December but then inexplicably decided not to for months). He has a voracious appetite and insists on eating only real food—no purees or flavorless foods for this baby. He pretty much eats whatever we’re eating, within reason. He has five teeth and has become a regular Sunny Baudelaire, with biting being a favorite pastime. We’ve all gotten bitten at least once (me probably once a day). We love having El Guapo in our home and look forward to his first birthday soon. 🙂

What amazes me most is how well these three boys get along almost all the time. Sure, we have squabbles from time to time, but they’re usually quickly resolved and not too bad. Both of the older boys adore El Guapo, and he them. Duplo counts down the minutes until Lego comes home from school, and Lego loves to involve Duplo in his play. I only hope it stays like this for a long time. I love our little family.

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