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Review: A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab

2 stars (it was okay).

Yet another one that underwhelmed me after months of reading reviews that talked about how amazing it was. At this point I started wondering if I was being too picky–but there are books still that take my breath away, so I think I just landed on a few that I didn’t connect with all in a row.

I should have known from the title that this one wasn’t going to be my cup of hot cocoa, as stories described as “dark” are rarely appealing to me. I usually find books more compelling if they’re funny or heartfelt or exciting or intriguing than if they’re just . . . gritty.

The concept was interesting, though (parallel Londons, one of which is now inaccessible), and the witty banter was fun. Those two things kept me reading to the end, but ultimately I never quite fell in love.

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