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Review: Love, Sugar, Magic by Anna Meriano

2 stars (it was okay).

The magic system in this book was super cute (a Mexican family where the girls and women are all brujas, and this particular family bakes magic into their confections). I liked the family love that pervaded every page, but I couldn’t get over the fact that I found the main character obnoxious. Connecting to characters is such a personal thing, and I personally didn’t want to stick with a character who kept making selfish, rash, and even dangerous decisions that ended up ruining things for herself and those she cared about over and over. Again, this one has very positive reviews on Goodreads, so maybe you’ll find her mischief childlike and endearing rather than annoying. *shrug*

Little kids might be the best audience for this one, as they’ll probably find the main character’s choices relatable or hilarious or both. This might be a fun read-aloud.

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