Contemporary, Fantasy, Middle Grade

Review: A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd

3 stars.

A Snicker of Magic

I chose this book because it showed up on a lot of agents’ lists of favorite books. Turns out it’s similar in ways to mine, so yay, comp title that lots of agents like! The plot follows a family that has been traveling from place to place every few months for their entire lives. Now they’re coming “home” to a town that used to have magic but apparently doesn’t anymore. But things start to wake up in little snickers of magic, the town comes together, the family finds a way to put down roots, etc. The writing style felt a little manically cute to me, and that’s very not my thing. I also found parts predictable and the main character kind of forgettable. Ultimately, I did like it and finish it, so I’m clearly downselling it too much.

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