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Review: Savvy by Ingrid Law

4 stars.

A surprisingly similar book to A Snicker of Magic but with less hype (at least that I’ve seen), this is the story of a family with a magical secret: they all get a savvy, or magical ability, on their 13th birthday. It manifests in a way that can be explosive and dangerous, so 13th birthdays are private affairs far from civilization, and the kids’ teen years are spent homeschooling and trying to get the savvy under control. But because the MC’s dad has had an accident and is in a coma, the MC ends up on an adventure with her siblings and some other kids, unsure of what her savvy is or how to solve the problems she faces. It’s got a southern flavor and a unique voice, and I liked how it always kept me guessing. This is also a decent comp title for my book.

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