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Review: Summer Searcher by Melissa Dymock

4 stars (I really liked it).

I do read books for adults, but I generally don’t review them here because I want this to be a place people can come to find recommendations for books for their kids. But I feel strongly that I should let people know about this hidden gem of a book. I edited Summer Searcher for Melissa before she published it on Amazon last summer. When I started reading, I found the voice kind of distant and sparse, but as I went on, I realized that was absolutely perfect for the two broken, tough individuals who come together to solve the mystery (and fall in love on the way). It was a little strange but also fun to read, and I loved that it was set in the mountains of the northwestern United States. The setting engaged with all five senses, and the twists and turns of the mystery were compelling as well. If you’re looking for a good indie read, I recommend this one.

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