Settling In

This post is long overdue, but life is finally settling into a normal routine to the point where I can spare the time to sit and write about it. We like our home and love our neighborhood and ward. It snowed a bit this morning, and as I walked the boys to school with fluffy snowflakes falling all around us, I was struck by a deep sense of gratitude to be where we are right now. It is so nice to be able to walk to school through a beautiful park surrounded by nice homes and gorgeous trees full of colored leaves (for the next few days, at least). It is so nice to have a yard to ourselves that I can care for without worrying about stepping on toes or being in someone else’s space, or even needing to pick up someone else’s trash.

The people here are so kind and welcoming I almost can’t believe it. One woman brought us pizza soon after we moved in just because. Another family brought us cookies and invited me and the boys to lunch one day. I’m almost overwhelmed by it all, but it’s nice to feel like someone knows we’re here and cares about us.

The boys are doing well in school. Lego has a really small class (16 kids), and one of his closest friends moved away a few weeks ago, which was really sad. Duplo says school was “great!” every day when I ask him. Parent-teacher conferences are this week, finally, so I’m eager to talk to their teachers and see in more detail how they’re doing.

Jonathon is doing well at the Church. We visited him a couple of weeks ago during UEA break and got to ride the elevator up to the 23rd floor, meet his coworkers, and then ride even higher up to the observation deck.

All in all, we’re doing well, and we hope you are too.

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