In the past 17 days, we have:

1. Gotten the news that Jonathon has a great job
2. Scoured the Internet for decent rental listings
3. Spent two days looking at rentals
4. Submitted an application for one
5. Packed up the entire house
6. Registered the boys for two different schools (the one down here in case we couldn’t move before school started despite our best intentions)
7. Moved a lot of boxes up to the new house
8. Taken the boys to swimming lessons
9. Dug up all the carrots and beets in the garden (with the help of my sister)
10. Cleaned the house thoroughly (okay, I’m not done with this yet, but I will be hopefully tomorrow)
11. Played a lot of Dominion (which probably is the only thing keeping me sane)

We move tomorrow. I am exhausted. I have not been sleeping well. I am so excited to start this new phase of our lives. Lego starts school on Monday and Duplo a week from Monday. They both did great in swimming lessons. We’re pretty well packed up, so I’m feeling optimistic. But dang, I have butterflies galore. Why am I so keyed up tonight? I sure hope we can make a good life up there, and I sure hope Jonathon enjoys and excels at his new job.

(I also hope we don’t forget to pick up the dry cleaning tomorrow.)

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