My friend Grandma

Well, we just got back from our week-long vacation to Colorado to visit my family for Christmas. Highlights (and some lowlights), in chronological order:

1) My sisters held an eyebrow party, wherein they waxed and plucked mine to perfection. Boy, was that overdue.

2) To complete the makeover, I got a kickin’ new haircut. My mom and sister got theirs cut at the same time, but mine was the most drastic change. I fixed my sister’s bangs afterward and did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself.

3) My dad and I took a walk in the snow after dark with Lego getting pulled behind in a sled. Everyone enjoyed it. 🙂

4) My brother and sister, who are at BYU, talked a lot with my parents and me about dating and its perils.

5) There was a pretty table setting for almost every single meal.

6) I introduced my family to aebelskivers on Christmas Eve morning.

7) Lego got a cool fire truck from Santa, which he was really excited about.

8 ) As usual, we met the extended family at the YMCA in the mountains. Friday night was mafia night, and my uncles provided the snide commentary. It was a blast.

9) Also on Friday night, my parents, Granny, and I took Lego sledding. It was his first real exposure, and he loved it. I thought the hill would be too steep for him, but the only thing he complained about was stopping. I like that kid.

10) On the drive back, we hit a slick spot between Heber and Provo, fishtailed a few times, and eventually hit the side barrier. Nobody else was on the road, luckily, and we’re all fine, except for our car. At least we managed to drive it home.

All in all, it was a great trip. Very relaxing, which is just what the doctor ordered. When we left, Lego cried and repeated, “I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to have lots of fun with my friend Grandma.” Awww.


  1. Liam you are my friend too and I miss you too much. We sure love all of you and had the best time with each of you. Family is forever thank heavens!

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